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    Tip # 47: Make Your Bed Every Day

    Make your bed every morning and you will have accomplished the first task of the day. That one task will turn into many tasks completed at day’s end.

  • clothes

    Tip # 29: Lay Out Your Clothes

    Lay out your outfits the night before. If the Snooze hits, wear it. This will make you more productive and get you out the door faster in the morning.


Spring Fever: Catch Some Rays

We already talked about pool towels a few weeks ago when we were having fun in the linen closet. Now that the weather is warming up it is time to prep all the outdoor toys, pool toys, sprinklers, and swimwear. These types of toys are stored in our garage and tend to get pretty dusty/dirty […] Read more…


Spring Fever: Toy Time!

Have your kiddos had Spring Break yet? We are right in the midst of Spring Fever here. That said, this organizing project should be super fun. You can even get the kids to pitch in! Go through toys, puzzles, and games. Make a discard pile for what has been outgrown, is missing pieces, or is […] Read more…

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