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    Tip # 29: Lay Out Your Clothes

    Lay out your outfits the night before. If the Snooze hits, wear it. This will make you more productive and get you out the door faster in the morning.

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    Tip # 47: Make Your Bed Every Day

    Make your bed every morning and you will have accomplished the first task of the day. That one task will turn into many tasks completed at day’s end.


Wanna see my linen closet?

Yes, I know I started the summer with the idea that re-doing a space in your home to be something other than what it was originally designed for is possible.  And we will get back to that.  The only defense I have for not posting the re-do yet is, well, Summer happened.In the meantime, I’d […] Read more…


Changes in Attitude…

Do you HAVE TO use an area in your home for the purpose it was designed?  If you don’t ever have formal dinners in your dining room, could you morph that room into something you could use every day – an office, playroom, craft room, or homework nook?  Does it have to remain a formal dining room […] Read more…

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