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    Tip # 47: Make Your Bed Every Day

    Make your bed every morning and you will have accomplished the first task of the day. That one task will turn into many tasks completed at day’s end.

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    Tip # 29: Lay Out Your Clothes

    Lay out your outfits the night before. If the Snooze hits, wear it. This will make you more productive and get you out the door faster in the morning.

ducky bathroom

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This week we focus on the cleaning supplies cupboard. If your cleaning supplies are located in various rooms, or in a different room, you are NOT off the hook. No way! Wherever those cleaning supplies are, this is their week to shine! Much like the products we use on our hair, the products we use […] Read more…

First Aid

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The next two weeks, we will be organizing the bathroom. If you have more than one bathroom, you have more work to be done. We will only visit the bathroom once this year, so this is the time to organize any and all baths in your home. Start with the medicine cabinet. Any expired (or […] Read more…


We All Need A Tax Break

We’re going to stop purging this week and take a tax break. Why do we all dread doing our taxes? We know it is going to happen every year. It shouldn’t sneak up on us. We should be able to prepare. And yet, we procrastinate. We get closer to April 15th and the anxiety rises. […] Read more…

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